About Us

Loyal Building Contracting LLC was found in 2001 with little more than ability and enthusiasm to its name. Yet even at the start, it was a company with a core of skilled professionals that could consistently deliver high quality construction at a competitive price.

Today Loyal Building Contracting LLC creates award-winning facilities throughout GCC, while still upholding the standards and techniques that were prized high from the beginning. We are proud to be a pure reflection of the early vision. Above all, we never lose sight of the fact that our most important partner is you.

Loyal Building Contracting LLC delivers world-class engineering & construction services. In more than a decade time LBC has made a legacy for itself by creating excellence, even in the most challenging situations. Our strength has been the commitment to the timely completion of projects with due emphasis on project management, quality & safety.

Moving ahead, we strive to become a spearheading force in development, construction and management of infrastructure projects by continually achieving excellence in all spheres of activities.

What do we believe?

We believe in creating an outstanding product at a competitive price. We believe in nurturing high standards of skill and integrity in our team members. We believe in a dedication to the safety of our staff. We believe in a commitment to ecologically friendly construction. Most of all, we believe our values as a company are every bit as important to us…and to you…as the quality of our product.


Loyal Building Contracting LLC is committed to the health and safety of its employees, customers, contractors and communities. Providing and maintaining a safe work environment is a top priority. At LBC, safety takes precedence over all business pursuits and practices. The company is dedicated to continuously improving our safety practices and policies. Incorporating proactive safety management systems and occupational health processes to mitigate and eliminate accidents is our safety mission

Loyal Group Of Companies

  • Loyal Facilities Management Services
  • Loyal Technical Services
  • Loyal Painting & Cleaning Services